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December Zircon Birthstone Ring

The Birthstone Series

Time to express your love to someone you treasure! The perfect gift is found in this December Zircon Birthstone Ring. This magnificent heart-shaped zircon ring surrounded by a dazzling gold band, secured in a three-pronged setting, boosting the ring's appeal and completing an interesting and scenic design


Zircon is the birthstone for the month of December. Zircon is known as one of the best stones for energy healing and promoting a general sense of well-being. The stone has been known to help with physical and mental disorders, as well as astral travel that helps facilitate communication with spirit guides or deceased loved ones. Zircons are also believed to help induce peace during war situations.

Our stunning collection of birthstone rings features never-before-seen designs and exclusive collections, making each item a treasure to keep and enjoy for a lifetime.

Our clients like our dazzling gemstone rings, which demand attention with their brightness, innovative settings, and exceptional craftsmanship. A birthstone ring that blends in with your daily life and leaves a lasting impression of modern luxury is an easy way to complement your favorite jewelry.

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  • Sizes: Resizable
  • Main Stone: Zircon
  • Surface Width: 3mm
  • Color: Gold
  • Package included: 1pc Ring

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